SUMMARY was commissioned by photographer/artist Steven Sebring to create the Revolution Booth, an interactive art installation displayed at the Milk Studios Gallery in Chelsea. The Revolution Booth is a smaller automated version of “The Rig”, a silver, geodesic dome structure created by Sebring.

“The Rig” contains 100 synchronized cameras that shoot in predetermined sequences, allowing Sebring to capture form and movement from numerous perspectives simultaneously.


To design a compelling user interface that would trigger a sequence of events that included the image capture, uploading the photos to the Internet, sending emails to the participants, and posting to Facebook.

Two previous software development teams had been unable to make the process work smoothly because of the techniques they had employed. The user interface would not respond when users clicked buttons, and the camera synchronization was off ruining the effect.

Finally, we were asked to make the project work on a Raspberry PI, which required us to create an additional tool chain to target that platform.


The team was able to correct the user-interface and camera sequencing problems by using a number of programming frameworks and techniques. Using JavaScript we updated the user interface to use asynchronous techniques, creating a smooth user experience that responded instantly. This enabled users to be doing one thing, entering their email address, while the computer was doing another, uploading the images to the server - with no dead periods, pauses, or hitches.

The solution was composed of:

The technologies employed included:


Artist Steven Sebring was extremely pleased with the implementation. The installation was displayed and operated publicly at the Milk Gallery during December 2014 as part of the Study of Pose Exhibit featuring model Coco Rocha. also provided training to enable the Revolution Booth staff to duplicate the results for additional installation. Since then, 3 additional booths have been created using our software and UX.

Revolution Booth Screen Shot Revolution Booth Screen Shot Revolution Booth Screen Shot Revolution Booth Screen Shot Revolution Booth Screen Shot Revolution Booth Screen Shot Revolution Booth Screen Shot Revolution Booth Screen Shot Revolution Booth Screen Shot Revolution Booth Screen Shot
Revolution Botth Pano
Revolution Booth Milk Gallery
Revolution booth in action
I had a great experience working with The atmosphere of their office was creative, fun, and welcoming. I was able to work personally with Daniel Zen himself. He is an extremely knowledgeable software developer and engineer, and was very accommodating to our short timelines and busy schedules. Their Communications Director, Manon, always answered any questions promptly, and I never had any issues contacting their developers for software maintenance and upgrading. All in all, it was a pleasure working with!
Greta Sharoyan, Electrical Engineer, Sebring Revolution

About Revolution Booth

The Revolution Booth is a curved wall in which participants sit on a stool in the center and are photographed by digital cameras from 13 different angles to create a “bullet-time” experience.