SUMMARY produced a sophisticated bookmarklet for Flavorpill using HTML5 and JavaScript packaged as a Chrome Extension which utilied a Ruby back-end. The extension allows for easy import into the Flavorpill backend of any event from Facebook, TicketMaster, and any website that uses the Google Calendar format.


Flavorpill had an internal curatorial team whose job was to find interesting events around the city. However, the team found it difficult and time consuming to enter information into their backend database system for display on their website. We were tasked with creating a more user-friendly and automated tool to facilitate data entry and content creation.

SOLUTION formulated a simpler and more elegant solution than the client originally envisioned, and commented that the UI created was easier to use then that which was made available to their users.

Technologies employed in the website redesign included: created a bookmarklet that auto-fills with relevant data from the event website into an overlaid form with a single click. The overlay enabled event curators to cut and paste additional data from the page if necessary.

We leveraged event pages that had a standard “Add to Google Calendar” button to make use of the data contained within. This broadened the potential event based websites where the tool could be used.


The curation process has been made considerably more easy and productive. Curators are experiencing a 300% increase in the amount of data they can import into the system. The client is pleased with the improvement the new process has brought. not only knows how to solve hard problems, but helps you find the right problems to solve.
Mark Mangan, Flavorpill Co-founder

About Flavorpill

Flavorpill's goal is to deliver intel and experiences that culture-seekers need to know, see, and do. While they are focused on NYC and broader national interest stories right now, expansion to even more cities is coming soon.