SUMMARY collaborated with Cools to create a new system to replace their failing Java based ingestion engine expensively hosted on AWS. By following an Agile process, we were able to change scope and direction at our weekly planning meeting. We simplified the back-end architecture using microservices, making it much easier to understand and modify. And, the the AngularJS front-end we created performs much faster.



By creating reports and interviewing our partner we realized Cools was missing an administration tool. This interface was created in order for us to be able to see, and have a more tactile grasp of the data we were manipulating.

We presented the data in a form that could be easily understood so the issues were known and we could react accordingly. While rewriting the entire back-end and front-end using modern technologies we were still able to maintain the already familiar WordPress admin tools.

Technologies involved:


We created a dialogue that allowed us to focus on what was needed most and delivered a system that suits the needs of online affiliate marketing. With continuous iterative development we kept adding features to make the old system obsolete while capturing and tracking our progress online. We brought previously hidden information to the surface and explained what was needed to prevent any bottlenecks.

We now own an engine capable of filtering, ingesting and displaying affiliate offers from major retailers. For more information on licensing this technology, please

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Communication was effective and smooth.'s team is fast in understanding both business and product goals and requirements and equally expedient in execution and delivery.
Faraz Angha, Product Manager

About Cools

Cools is a retailer affiliate which creates editorial content for its pool of clients.