SUMMARY was engaged to install & lock five android tablets for an Amazon Studios promotion of their original series Tumble Leaf. Installed at the JetBlue terminal of JFK, the tablets had to be locked to play the Tumble Leaf App and prevent access to any other applications.


The Fire tablets had a custom android operating system, and we had no access to Amazon’s technical support. The tablets had a tendency to auto-update, potentially damaging the installation, while the app itself required occasional connection to the internet for “re-licensing”. The installation was at the JFK airport meaning long waiting hours to go back and forth and security control process. And, the installation had to be simple enough to train the onsite support staff, and sturdy enough to withstand daily use by potentially hundreds of children.


While we did everything we could to minimize the modification necessary, in the end we had to root the tablets and install a custom version of Android along with a kiosk software solution, both of which required hours of research to create a robust solution.


The space created by Arch Productions was an incredible setting for the installation. Children are playing with these tablets on a daily basis during their families’ commute.

Three Tablets Playing Tumble Leaf Sliding

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