Web Technologies

Full Stack JavaScript Development

Full Stack = Back-End + Front-End

The most flexible and powerful foundation to reach the largest audience.

There exist a wide range of programming technologies. zen.digital chose to focus on JavaScript for several reasons:

Backend & Frontend

While there are many good languages for server development (Java, Python, Ruby). None of them work equally as well in the browser as on the server. JavaScript is a Full Stack solution.

Open Source Packages

JavaScript has a rich supply of open-source libraries, packages & frameworks made by some of the best developers in the industry. It allows us to stand on the shoulders of giants to create solid solutions. zen.digital is a big supporter of the Open Source Community

Asynchronous UI & I/O

This powerful concept enables huge gains in efficiency. JavaScript’s single threaded event loop, in the browser & in Node.js is non-blocking & allows it to respond quickly. While other languages will send a database query and wait for the result to come back, JavaScript will executing the code that comes after it, then continue processing the data when the result is available.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

A uniform design to provide a first-class user experience on any

independent of hardware or operating systems to fit a world increasingly filled with devices and platforms that have different screen sizes.

Thanks to responsive design and a flexible code base, we create digital experiences accessible to as many users as possible. With the Ionic Framework we use a cross-platform code base to target:

Google Play Store, iOS App Store, & Chrome Web Store:

Google Play Store
iOS App Store
Chrome Web Store

Web browsers:

To master this technique our team crafts the layout of sites to provide an optimal viewing experience.Our developers are able to bring their skill and experience with cross-platform frameworks to serve your project. Websites such as Lumentus, Be Lingual, this site, and the forthcoming Electric Sheep showcase their responsive design expertise.